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Welcome to one of the largest LED light manufacturers India. Sumedha Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd (Sumedha) was started in 2007 with the objective of entering the illumination lighting market with the fast developing technology of Light Emitting Diode (LED). By doing this we are capitalizing on two business opportunities: the increasing need for energy efficient and green lighting (illuminitation) appliance in world that is increasingly began to understand the need to drastically contain and reduce its manmade carbon footprint, and the increasing need for a reliable and cost effective lighting systems for rural India which is facing power cuts to the tune of 10-15 hrs every day.

Sumedha is one of the forefront LED Light Manufacturers in India and offers energy and electricity services to plenty of customers, including small and large businesses, homes, government entities, manufacturing facilities across India. We are in the forefront in providing LED based lighting solutions that are energy efficient, green, eco-friendly, reliable and priced competitive to corporate, architects, commercial establishment agencies in India. The products/solutions are sold under the brand name ‘SEECOL’ (Sumedha Economical & Eco-Friendly Lighting). Our forte lies in the comprehensive offering of LED based general illumination and customized lighting products ranging from down lights, LED tube lights, spot lights, street lights, landscape lightings, retrofitting of your existing CFL fitting and other corporate lightings. We also offer solar based LED products- Lanterns, Jumbo Lanterns, Emergency Lights, Street Lights, Home Lighting Kits, etc.

Being one of the top LED light Manufacturers, SEECOL wants to make things simple for you. There is no point in worrying about the little things like electricity, and as one of the leading electricity suppliers, whether you are moving home or if you are just looking for an energy package which will reward you, we have got you covered. Through actively fortifying production equipment and flow, enhancing factory management and effectively managing in-store stock, our products can further lower the operation cost and expense while improving the yield rate and output efficiency.

As a professional LED Light manufacturers, we keep using the top class of led chips, power driver and other material to make our LED lamps, and always provide the best service to customers. We strongly believe that only the best products and service are helpful to both customers and our company. We are a responsible LED light manufacturers and most of our led lighting products have passed the quality testing, all of them can prove that SEECOL is able to supply excellent quality and good service to you. As global operating LED light manufacturers, we also strongly encourage socially and environmentally authoritative energy-saving policies around the world – as well as sponsoring art and beauty at home and world.

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SEECOL has significant product offering for various applications such as general office lighting, ...



SEECOL has significant product offering for various applications such as general office lighting, Architectural lighting and lighting for rural application which are gaining steady acceptance in the market.

With its headquarters at Bangalore, Sumedha plans to expand its network across Dubai, Bahrain, Europe & Australia in the near future.

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